8 May 2021

- CANCELLED- Classic open air hunting lodge Grunewald - musical spring blossoms of the Baroque

The Berlin Residence Orchestra invites you to take a musical journey through the Baroque and Classical epochs in the midst of the colorful springtime.

Just as spring awakens nature with shining seas of flowers, happy birdsong and the rushing of the brooks to the first rays of sunshine, people have celebrated the change of the seasons with festivals and dances at all times. Even in courtly baroque music, composers were strongly inspired by nature with its lively opulence - under this influence many of the court dances customary at the time for outdoor celebrations were created.

The Berlin Residence Orchestra with its virtuoso playing lets Boccherini's minuet and the “Chaconne” overture from J.B. Lully´s "L´amour medecin" brings the atmosphere of these festivities in nature to life for you. Let yourself be seduced by the romantic atmosphere and the first rays of sunshine - maybe even spring-like fairies will appear, floating around the old walls to the music…


6 p.m. admission
6.30 p.m. concert begins
The seats will be assigned to you by our staff.

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