15 Jul to 11 Sep 2022

"Polifemo - when love creates suffering" - Baroque court theater with works by Bononcini, Handel & Vivaldi

Welcome to a truly extraordinary premiere in the Great Orangery of Charlottenburg Palace - an evening of music theater awaits you, celebrating the joie de vivre and the joy of music and drama in the Baroque era!

The musical theater evening, directed by Prof. Claus Unzen, takes you to the palace theater around 1750 – right into the dress rehearsal of a musical-theatrical commemoration ceremony for Queen Sophie Charlotte, at whose time there was a lively artistic life at the Prussian court. The director and castrato Claudio, together with his ensemble, excitedly presents the course of the planned commemoration to the court patron and his wife – after all, the benevolence of the patron depends on it.

After captivating coloratura arias and pieces of music by Handel, Vivaldi and other composers, the high point is the opera "Polifemo" by Giovanni Bononcini, which you can experience in a version of the chamber ensemble of the Berlin Residence Orchestra conducted by Alexandra Rossmann - for the first time in exactly the place where it was first performed in 1702 to acclaim in the presence of Queen Sophie Charlotte.

In the opera with the events surrounding the love between Acis & Galatea, the cyclops Polifemo and magical gods and mythical creatures ensure wondrous transformations that bring passion, jealousy and pain to everyone involved - in the final chorus, love is compared to the tumbling flight of a butterfly who burns on her.

Last but not least, an interlude based on the Commedia dell`Arte will amuse you deliciously, in which, as was customary at the time, the tragedies of the court theater are parodied in a highly crude and joyful way.

Look forward to a passionate and sensual evening at court!


7.30 PM doors open to concert
8.00 PM concert

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6.00 PM concert

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