Schloss Paretz 16/9

Schloss Paretz

Every year Queen Luise and her family enjoyed the summer months in Paretz Castle, in the secluded idyll of the peaceful Havel landscape. Far from courtly etiquette and the pomp of the Prussian residence in Berlin, they enjoyed an almost average family life here.

The castle was built together with the village of Paretz from 1797 to 1804 by David Gilly as a summer residence for Crown Prince Wilhelm III. and his wife Luise and was considered a prime example of Prussian agricultural art around 1800. Thus it fits harmoniously into the vast landscape of the Havel. The castle with its famous Paretz paper wallpapers, precious furniture and paintings gives fascinating insights into the world of the reputedly carefree and spirited. Luise.

Today, in addition to a permanent exhibition, concerts are also held at Paretz Castle.


Schloss Paretz
Parkring 1
14669 Paretz / Ketzin

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